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Spaniels In Korea

Spaniels, be they cocker, King Charles, or sub-mixes, are some of the most unlucky dogs in Korea, and the most likely to end up abandoned and on death row at the pounds.

The reason? As puppies, spaniels are ridiculously adorable. Thus, they are often bought as ‘entertainment’ for children, or love gifts from boyfriend to girlfriend. The tragic part starts when the pups get near one year old. By Korean standards they get ‘too big’, and since they are a naturally playful breed, without basic discipline and training, they can get out of hand.

So, when people come to the pound to adopt a dog, the dog pound workers never even show them the Cocker Spaniels. They’ve told us that Koreans never want to adopt dogs so big, and that the breed has a bad reputation for hyperactivity and being untrainable. This of course can easily be corrected, as Spaniels are some of the most trainable dogs there are. It just takes patience and dog training knowledge, two things that are in short supply in the bali-bali culture.

That means at the pounds, spaniels are ALWAYS euthanized after the 10 day waiting period. They never even get a chance. It is horrible to end up in the pound, but at least there is one tiny bit of hope to get adopted… but spaniels never even get that chance.

There is another, darker side to this too. Breeders in Korea are some of the most worthless people on the planet. We cannot express enough how much we despise them. Breeding in Korea is not like you imagine in the west. Basically, they keep breeding dogs in the most horrendous conditions, tiny cages, no sanitation, and they just make them have puppies. The puppies get sent to pet shops for selling as pets. If the puppies are not adopted by the time they get bigger (and no longer cute) they get sold to the meat markets. Since Spaniels are medium size, they fetch a decent price as meat, so the piece of human garbage breeders can still make a profit. It is a no-lose situation. Oh, and the breeders? It’s not some businessmen, or dog experts, or anything like that. It is grandmother in the back room, farmers in a corner of the property. Factory owners in the back lot. When they have a breeding pair, they usually force the mother to have 3-4 litters over two years, then send them to the butcher. they also send straight to the butcher all unhealthy puppies, weak pups, and unattractive pups. All you have to do is go the countryside dog meat markets and you will see hundreds of “breed” pups for sale to meat vendors.

CS dogs are loving, trainable, and the perfect size. They easily can live in apartments or wide open spaces, and are the perfect pets. We already knew this, and proof is in our 8 spaniels at home, and the other 10 CS that have been adopted through BAPS. We’ve sent spaniels to adoptive homes all over the world, and all of them have been perfect loyal friends.

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