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I'm away from home too long, take my dog.

Unfortunately, BAPS is not in a position to take dogs from people who give them up. We work with a very limited budget, so we have to carefully control the number of dogs we have, and the type of dogs we have.

Every week I get contacted by people wanting me to intake strays they picked up, or family dogs that need rehoming. I wish I could take them all, but we simply can't afford it.

The fact is, dogs have a different psychological take on life than humans do. My suggestion is that you take a step back from the situation, and re-evaluate your definition of 'fair for the dogs'.

Dogs have a different perception of time than we do. They are not aware of cumulative time blocks as we are. They DO perceive that a period of time has passed, but they do not accumulate periods upon each other. In other words, they are aware of '1 hour', but they cannot be aware mentally of '14 hours'. To them there are only 2 concrete mentally recognizable times. The recent past (1-2 hours) and the present.

Most research indicates that dogs measure time by the intensity of smell. A dog can tell the difference between a smell that is 10 minutes old and a smell that is 11 minutes old. that is why scent hounds know which way to follow a trail they encounter. As long as your scent remains in your house, they will be aware of your presence, and will accept that you WERE there in the recent past. Then, they will use their experience based cognition to correlate: "Dad was here. He's left us here before, and eventually he came back". Then, they will just sit patiently waiting for you.

That is the MENTAL part of time measurement. The other way that dogs are affected by time is of course, physiological. Hunger and the need to relieve themselves are the two major factors here.

This part is easily remedied. You can have someone come by the house once or twice and tend to their physiological needs.

Let me tell you a story. There was a time in my life when because of work I had to leave my 4 dogs alone for up to 12 hours a day. I felt the same way you do. Being a tech geek, I set up a home surveillance system, that I could monitor while I was away. I just had to see how sad and miserable my pups were for all those hours alone.

I was extremely disappointed with the result. Basically, I spent a thousand dollars to watch my dogs sleep. Yup. That's what dogs do when we aren't home. They lay down, entertain themselves lightly (chew something, lick something) until they fall asleep. 1 hour, 12 hours, its all the same. They peacefully sleep.

Dogs bond with their masters. Breaking the bond is a traumatic event in a dog's life, forever altering their mental state. If your dogs could speak, they will tell you that they'd rather wait for you to come home no matter how many hours, than be forced to leave you forever.

Sure, they can re-bond. Sure, they can be happy in a house where they are accompanied 24 hours a day. But the fact is, they will not be sad, disappointed, or miserable remaining your dogs, and getting to be with you the hours you are home.

I understand if people make either choice, you know your own long term situation. But I just want to give information to understand their mental state before you choose what to do.

If you do decide to keep them, I can give you some suggestions on how to make their life a bit more comfortable while you are away.

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