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Fostering or Adopting a Dog in Korea

Here at BAPS our main objective is to find homes for all of our dogs! We hope you consider if one of them fits in your life. Here are the things we ourselves want out of a foster. You see, for us a foster should be more than just a chance to get out of the shelter temporarily. We want foster to be a stepping stone to adoption.

That’s why we want every single foster parent to take on themselves the responsibility of getting the dog adopted, in hope they never return to BAPS!

BAPS dogs are available to go out on foster care only to homes that have a stated intention of adopting a dog. All dogs go out on foster for a period of one month, and if the experience was positive, the adoption process can begin after the two month period. We always hope that the adoption is a success, but we completely understand that once a dog is in a home, there can be unforeseen behaviors, reactions, and challenges for both the dogs and the humans. If a foster is not working, we welcome the dogs back at any time!

To foster-to-adopt a dog, here are the requirements:

1. You must come volunteer two Sundays in a row at BAPS. It is important we talk about proper handling, walking, and caring. Also, by coming you are showing your commitment. But the major reason we need people to volunteer twice is so they can have significant interaction with the dogs, and get a better idea of what pup matches best with them. Once a candidate is chosen, potential adopters are given as much time as possible with the dog, to learn about each other better.

2. You must obtain permission from your landlord, boss, and any other members of the household.

3. You MUST be the head of the household.

4. You must have a job, or be married to a person that has a job.

While fostering a dog:

1. You will cover all the costs of food and basic necessities.

2. BAPS will cover costs of medical care for developed illness.

3. You will cover the cost of medical care due to an accident under your care.

During foster care:

1. You must have a personal cellphone for contacting you.

2. You must contact Leo or Jin IMMEDIATELY in case anything happens to the dog (injured, lost, sick, etc.). We know what to do.

Ending foster care:

1. If you decide at any point to return to dog during the foster period, we can arrange if for the next sunday.

2. If no decision on adoption has been made after one month, the dog must return to BAPS, to be seen by other potential adopters.


1. To adopt you must foster the dog for at least one month first, to ensure all the conditions for a successful adoption are met.

2. Once a dog is officially adopted, BAPS will rescue a new dog to take its place.

3. There is an adoption fee of 100,000 won, to cover the tests and vaccinations for the new dog.

NOTE: Medical fosters are not subject to the foster-to-adopt condition. We are grateful for people who take dogs temporarily for treatment and recovery.

If you wish to proceed with a foster to adopt, please fill out the following application and email it to: adopt@shindogs.org

Click here to download the application form

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