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Congratulations on acquiring a canine from the Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary. This field manual is intended to ensure that you and the dog in your care successfully navigate the South Korean environment while you are here. My name is Leo Mendoza, and I will be your guide during your time here. If you have one of our dogs, you already have my phone number and that of my wife, Jin. It is crucial you have these numbers on you in case of emergency.

- keep this manual accessible for future reference. (bookmark the page)


- If you lose your dog, have an accident with the dog, or similar serious issue, call us. We know the best thing to do in most cases, and can direct you to take more effective action.

- ALWAYS have your dog leashed outdoors.

- Hold the leash securely in your hand at all times.

- Do not tie the leash to any object and leave the dog there. If you foresee a situation where you will have to leave your dog unattended, LEAVE HIM AT HOME.

Do not feed your dog the following:
- Chocolate
- Seeds
- Onions
- Garlic
- Grapes in any form

- If your dog eats any of the above, or chemicals, objects, etc, you should induce vomiting:
- Always keep 2 bottles of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE with your dog.
- squirt 1/2 to 1/3 of the bottle directly in the back of the dogs mouth.
- wait 10 mins. If no vomiting, repeat.

- Every time you leave your house, verify that there are no harmful elements in the dog’s reach. Keep the garbage behind a closed door, store all chemicals safely, and keep electric cables off the floor.


- get to know your dog’s behavior. Many dogs are fearful of strange situations outside, and may react unpredictably. Always make sure your dog is safe around cars, people, and other animals.

- Your dog is an independent minded live animal. She has her own wants/needs, that if you do not fulfill, she will try to fulfill on her own. Always keep this basic principle in mind.


- Feed your dog dry food only. You can give wet food as an occasional snack.

- Feed twice a day, breakfast and dinner, according to the specifications of the food manufacturer.

- Don’t overdo it with snacks or human food.

- Do not give your dog leftovers!


- Know your nearest vet’s operating hours. If after hours, refer to the 24 hour vet guide below. (Mina Seo is preparing)

- Call Leo or Jin. They know what to do.

- If you think it is a problem, don’t wait. Better to act and waste the effort that to procrastinate and regret it.

- Have a Korean friend who knows the dog and lives nearby. This is invaluable.


Korea is not the most friendly place to have a dog. While some Korean people like dogs, many are afraid of them, to the point of comical antics. They will act as if they've seen a dangerous, roaring, wild tiger when you walk near them with your poodle. If you have a cocker spaniel, it is like a mythical dragon has jumped into the elevator with them. If you have a golden retriever, the Devil himself with the roaring fires of Hades at his shoulder could not scare them more.

For this reason it is my recommendation to avoid being near Koreans at all times. 

Some kids will come up to attempt to touch your dog, with the pure joy that only human infants have. However, they may shortly be chased after by a panicking mother/father who is pouncing to snatch the child away from the jaws of certain death by beast. Be ready to comfort your dog who will certainly be startled. In the worst of all scenarios, it will be a grandmother chasing after the precious child, and she is a physical danger do your dog. Now it is your turn to save YOUR baby from the jaws of the beast. Pull your dog back, and pick her up.

You will often find elderly people yelling, cursing, and gesturing at you. My advice: if you speak fluent 'insult Korean', give it right back. If you don't, just calmly ignore them and walk away.

As in any country, always carry poo bags.

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