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Who We are

Jin Young


Kimhae Onni

So, Who are the guys that run BAPS?

We are entirely normal people. We have no training on animal issues, no prior experience in sheltering, and no particular skills with animal handling.

We are just people who saw a need, and have been doing the best we can to care for it.

Jin Young

The heart and Soul of our Sanctuary, Jin Young is a teacher at the Busan International Foreign School. Jin grew up afraid of dogs, as so many Koreans do… but after reluctantly adopting Philip, she changed her entire world view.

She became involved with animal rights advocacy here in Busan, and eventually took over responsibilities at BAPS. She is the one that keeps all of us motivated, organized, and productive.

Jin has been a teacher at Busan International Foreign School since 2004.


Divides his time between a handful of jobs. Primarily, he’s a Professor of Spanish at Pusan University of Foreign Studies, where he has worked since 2001. He’s also a radio host on Busan eFM, our city’s english radio station. He’s involved in various english & spanish teaching programs, and has published two English learning methodology textbooks.

He’s been a dog lover all his life. Since he was born his family has had dogs. So this whole sheltering thing falls naturally to him. He’s attempting to apply his degree in Psychology to animal behavior, and the more he observe our dogs, the more he’s convinced THEY are the emotionally superior species.

Kimhae Onni

Her nickname is a long story… but basically, she is the person who most loved the shelter from before the time we took over it. She was always interested in going to volunteer there when it was under it’s previous owner. As the shelter is in Kimhae, she ended up being called that. (onni means sister) She is the only person who draws a small part-time payment from BAPS, so she can go during the week and care for the dogs.

The best way to get in touch with us is through Facebook.

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