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We often get asked about the cost of running the shelter, and how the finances break down, so here’s a clear breakdown of how we keep the place running. Income falls into two categories: regular pledged monthly donations and one-time donations. Expenses are pretty much the same: recurring costs, such as rent and food, and one time expenses of materials, supplies, maintenance costs, and other expenses.

We keep meticulous track of every donation and expense, to always know where we stand financially.

Now, here’s the tough part. The shelter spends much more than it receives. The monthly pledges do not cover the fixed expenses. Naturally, there’s no money for the additional costs.

So where does the extra money come from? Well, to put it plainly, it comes from Leo and Jin. We have been covering the expenses to run BAPS since it started in 2008. We love the dogs, so we gladly do this, but it is simply not sustainable. We do not earn enough extra money to pay for BAPS. The money to run it has come out of the savings we had, but in mid-2012 all our savings ran out, so we had to take a substantial loan from the bank in order to continue paying for what BAPS needs. Of course, that loan will someday run out too. So we really hope BAPS reaches a point of sustainable income.

That’s why BAPS needs more people who are willing to commit to regular donations.


Monthly costs with 30 resident dogs:

Rent — 600,000

Food — 504,000 – 7 bags a week, at 18,000

Heartguard — 300,000 – 30 dogs, 10k per.

Frontline — 300,000 – 30 dogs, 10k per.

Intake — 300,000 – 3 new dogs per month -disease tests, vaccinations.

Misc supplies — 100,000 – This includes gloves, bleach, detergents, and other supplies.

Care worker — 3,000,000 – Twice a week, to feed & clean.

Vaccinations — 100,000 – Yearly vaccinations (DHPPL & Caniflu)

Monthly basic total — 2,504,000
Total year budget — 30,048,000

Additionally, every month there are unexpected medical costs, which some months can be forty or fifty thousand, some month it can be millions. That is of course, unpredictable.

So there you have it. On an average year counting the unexpected medical emergencies, BAPS needs a little more than 30,000,000 to operate. The best year of donations, 2011, we collected about 13 million.

We need your support!

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