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Our Mission

BAPS is a privately run independent dog sanctuary, providing a home for abandoned dogs since 2008. We aim to rehome as many dogs as possible.  We are entirely volunteer funded, as we receive no support from the government or any other organization.  We are a no-kill facility, as we commit ourselves to protecting every dog that enters for life. However, this means we carefully select dogs for acceptance, and only intake animals when there is an adoption, to protect the quality of life or residents, and our budgets.

We strive to run BAPS by western standards, providing true quality of life for the dogs, along with full vaccinations and medical care. Our aim is to grow into a facility that serves as a model for sheltering in Korea, giving a second chance to as many animals as possible. We run our volunteering and day-to-day activities from our Facebook page, so please go there for updated information!

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We need people who care about these animals to donate time, money, and support so that we can help as many as many dogs as possible to survive and thrive.

Our local volunteers join us on weekends to spend time with the dogs and there are some simple volunteer policies to follow.

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Prevent Collapse

Our Goal: Adoptions

Our main objective is to find homes for all of our dogs!  We hope you’ll consider if one of these dogs is a good fit for your life and family.

For us, a foster should be more than just a chance to get out of the shelter temporarily. We want foster to be a stepping stone to adoption. BAPS dogs are available to go out on foster care only to homes that have a stated intention of adopting a dog.

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A sanctuary is very different from a shelter or a dog pound. Why?

Dog pounds take every stray dog in, and if they are unclaimed after a short period (typically 10 days), they are euthanized.

Sanctuaries are committed to caring for every dog during the course of the dog's natural lifetime, and provide medical care in case of illness or injury to extend the dog's life.

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What you need to know


Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary gets nearly 20 messages per month from people who find dogs and want us to take them in. We’d love to take them all, but it is simply impossible for us, so we cannot take in a dog that you find. Our funding and infrastructure support maximum 30 dogs on site, and we have to keep those numbers if we want to survive financially.

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Who Runs BAPS?

Jin Young: 
She grew up afraid of dogs, like many Koreans, but after reluctantly adopting Philip, her entire world changed.

Leo teaches Spanish at Pusan University of Foreign Studies. He’s also a radio host on Busan eFM, our city’s english radio station.

Kimhae Onni:
She is the person who most loved the shelter for years, and goes during the week to care for the dogs.

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Anyone with a dog in Korea should be aware that the viral threats to dogs are unique to this nation.

These are the active viruses in Korea, that pose a real danger of death or grave illness to dogs:

1- Parvovirus
2- Distemper
3- Corona
4- Canine Influenza
5- Kennel Cough

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Stop the Barking

In Korea you will live in an apartment. That’s the reality for 99% of us. And if you live in an apartment, a barking dog is an immediate ticket to eviction.  So it is imperative to stop all barking related to separation anxiety.

So how do you solve it? By introducing an undesirable consequence to the behavior.

There is a very simple and effective method that will guarantee quiet when the dog is left alone.

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The best way to get in touch with us is through Facebook.

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